July 2023 – 8 precious pups!

5 boys & 3 girls – born on July 11th, 2023.

Awarded Lifetime Member of GSMD Club of America!

With 30 years as an active and respected member, we were awarded with the Lifetime Member status for the Greater Swiss Mountain Dog Club of America!

Whispering Palms – Lineage & Champions!

With more than 25 years raising and breeding Swissys, we have an amazing group of dogs to highlight.


We are expecting another litter of puppies soon!!!

Applications being accepted!

 For additional information please email or call.


Whispering Palm's is a Member:
Greater Swiss Mountain Dog Club of America since 1992 American Greater Swiss Breeders Association, Board of Directors.

Former Member:
Great Dane Club of America, Great Dane Club South Florida, Fort Lauderdale Dog Club.

 SwissyThe GREATER SWISS MOUNTAIN DOG will be a wonderful addition to your family, whether as a companion or show/breed member. My show/breed Swissy's are my companions first and foremost, plus, we have fun going to shows a few weekends during the year.

As with any large or giant breed there are health and management concerns. The initial purchase of your Swissy , as with a Great Dane is minimal compared to what costs could be over his or her lifetime.

Please view as many sites as possible as "LONG TERM" breeders will be a great source of knowledge.

Juanita has been dedicated to selectively breeding Great Danes since (1980) and the Greater Swiss Mountain Dog since (1992).