Golden Opportunities

On occasion, we have one of our dogs who is being ‘retired’ from breeding.  In order to provide these cherished dogs an opportunity for a wonderful retirement, they are adopted out to loving families/homes.  As with our puppies, we are very selective and require any potential adopting families to complete an adoption application.  In addition, you must come meet our retiree in person to ensure there is a good bond.

Currently, we do not have any adult dogs available for adoption. 

Please keep watching this page for updates or contact us for future possibilities.


Thank you for your interest!

Whispering Palm's is a Member:
Greater Swiss Mountain Dog Club of America since 1992 American Greater Swiss Breeders Association, Board of Directors.

Former Member:
Great Dane Club of America, Great Dane Club South Florida, Fort Lauderdale Dog Club.

 SwissyThe GREATER SWISS MOUNTAIN DOG will be a wonderful addition to your family, whether as a companion or show/breed member. My show/breed Swissy's are my companions first and foremost, plus, we have fun going to shows a few weekends during the year.

As with any large or giant breed there are health and management concerns. The initial purchase of your Swissy , as with a Great Dane is minimal compared to what costs could be over his or her lifetime.

Please view as many sites as possible as "LONG TERM" breeders will be a great source of knowledge.

Juanita has been dedicated to selectively breeding Great Danes since (1980) and the Greater Swiss Mountain Dog since (1992).